Certifications and diving equipment



Sea Star Diving Service holds the following licences and certifications:
  • authorization (renewed) for execution of diving works # 0532/November 29, 2009 issued by the Romanian Ministry of Transport

  • American Bureau Of Shipping (ABS) certification as in-water survey service supplier renewed at January 23, 2012

  • Registro Italiano Navale (RINA) certification as supplier "of in-water survey of ships and off-shore mobile units" renewed in January 2012

  • Romanian Naval Authority (A.N.R.) certification regarding non-destructive underwater surveys, renewed at April 9th, 2008:

Also our company is curently in process of obtaining certifications issued on underwater activities by:

  • Russian Maritime Register of Shipping - RS


The personnel working in our company has solid professional training for any underwater activities, having on record an impressive number of diving hours especially on activities like: diving-inspection surveillance operations, construction, welding-cutting. All divers of our company are graduates of the courses held at the Navy Diving Center in Constanta, Romania, also holding internationally recognized licenses issued by well known diving organizations such as CMAS, PADI or NAUI.


Our company is endowed with high quality specific equipments in conformity with the international standards for commercial divers, that enables us to develop an efficient and performant activity, obtaining accurate results, in maximum safety and security, as follows:
  • Abyss, Comex, Seemann Sub, Spirotechnique diving gear (both for ambient pressure suits as well as atmosferic pressure suits),
  • Luchard & Coltri Sub high pressure breathable air compressors,
  • Ocean Reef - Neptun II underwater audio communication gear,
  • underwater digital Sealife camera for photo-video recording,
  • various gear for underwater welding and cutting,
  • various underwater tools and devices to perform our activities in good conditions,
  • Neptun pneumatic rigid hull boats