We are aware that serving the needs of our customers is our livelihood and we strive to match the trust they place in us, at all times. In the spirit of this idea, we come to meet our customers and try to organize ourselves in such a way that our activities can be carried out in all ports in Romania, with priority to the maritime ones: Sulina port, Midia port – Năvodari, Constanța / Constanța Sud port – Agigea, Mangalia port. We analyze customer requests with maximum seriousness, so that we can offer a solution to be able to provide diving services also in the following river ports: Drobeta-Turnu Severin port, Giurgiu port, Călărași port, Brăila port, Galați port, Tulcea port, Medgidia, Cernavodă port, and others.
When the situation requires it, we can also travel to other neighboring countries, members of the European Union (e.g. Bulgaria).

We can also participate in procurement of specific services through SEAP / SICAP (Romanian Public Procurement Electronic System).

As part of our activities as diving contractor, we provide a wide range of professional diving services, performed with licensed divers, some of the most important of which are listed below:

  • in water inspections / surveys of maritime or river vessels, locks / bulkhead gates / flood gates / sluice gates (hydropower plants, nuclear plants), various submerged structures, accompanied by footage, photographs or CCTV transmission (live, closed-circuit television)
  • checks of the submerged elements of maritime or river vessels: propellers, rudders, zincs, water inlets, rolling keels, etc.,
  • welded seams checking,
  • searching and identifying holes in the water part,
  • water part checking,
  • general purpose underwater video filming / photography,
  • underwater hydrotechnical constructions,
  • dams and berths expertise,
  • ultrasound thickness gauging,
  • metal and plant mooring rope cutting,
  • underwater welding and cutting,
  • bottom inlet cleaning,
  • monitoring and maintenance of immersed installations (pipes, cables, etc.),
  • anchor salvaging,
  • ship salvaging,
  • collecting samples and performing observations on the marine environment.

For more details you can request a quotation for work / price offer using the form below or using other contact methods, on the contact page.