Sea Star Diving Service activities are carried out in all romanian ports but may include all Black Sea ports. We recognize that serving our clients’ needs is our livelihood and we strive at all times to match the confidence placed in us.
As part of our activities, we provide a broad range of services some of the most important of them listed bellow:

  • in water inspections/surveys (including photo-video recordings),
  • checking of ships propellers,
  • zinc checking,
  • welded seams checking,
  • searching and identifying holes in the water part,
  • water part checking,
  • underwater video shooting,
  • underwater photography,
  • underwater hydrotechnical constructions,
  • underwater hydrotechnical constructions, dams and berths expertise,
  • metal and plant mooring rope cutting,
  • bottom inlet cleaning,
  • monitoring and maintenance of immersed installations (pipes, cables, etc.),
  • anchor salvaging,
  • ship salvaging.